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Sunday, March 21, 2004


"Your Heart of Stone (Beats my Heart of Scissors)"

is the next title compliments of eddy

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Edyp wins this round so he picks the next song title

Monday, March 15, 2004


The name of the first song is

"I'm thinking about my exgirlfriend"

No, no sex not tonight
I'm thinking of her again!
I'm remembering the way
she'd bring me alochol after work
She knew the way to my heart

*post lyrics in comments*


This community is for amusment purposes only.

This community is NOT for the emogame.com game (though I highly recommend it)

How to play:

sit in a circle and pass around a guitar, strum one chord voer and over again *since this is online will jsut pretend we are* Make up a 4-5 line stanza that pretains to the song, dont do something completely random, this is satire but going from

"I still love my ex girlfriend SOBBBBBBB"


"I like cheeeessseee"

is jsut fucking stupid

A new song will be started every 5 entries or so.


1)No bashing

2) Don't start a new song before the one thats going is done, you will be warned if you do, 3 warnings and youre gone.

3) dont use verses from actual songs, quotes are fine to make your point but give credit at the end of your stanza

4) dont get offended by verses, its jsut fun